Core Faculty

  1. Scott Field UMassD Math, MA

  2. Dana Fine, UMassD Math, MA

  3. Robert Fisher, UMassD Physics, MA

  4. J. P. Hsu, UMassD Physics, MA

  5. Gaurav Khanna, UMassD Physics, MA

  6. David Kagan, UMassD Physics, MA

Collaborative Faculty

  1. Martin Bojowald, Penn State, PA

  2. Lior Burko, Georgia G College, GA

  3. Richard Price, MIT / UMassD, MA

  4. Scott Hughes, MIT, MA

  5. Jorge Pullin, Louisiana State, LA

  6. Alessandra Buonanno, Max Planck Inst.

Current Students

  1. Ed McClain, UMassD Physics, MA

  2. Patrick Parks, UMassD Physics, MA

  3. Alec Yonika, UMassD Physics, MA

  4. Caroline Mallary, UMassD Physics, MA

  5. Izak Thuestad, UMassD Physics, MA

  6. Eliza Miley, UMassD Physics, MA

Past Students (Current Location)

  1. Rahul Kashyap, ICTS, India

  2. Will Duff, Industry

  3. Sarah Seva, Teaching

  4. Tyler Spilhaus, UAlaska

  5. David Torndorf-Dick, UNH

  6. Ed McClain, Louisiana State

  7. Charles Harnden, Teaching

  8. Dan Walsh, Teaching

  9. Gary Forrester, Teaching

  10. Mike DeSousa, Industry

  11. Justin McKennon, General Dynamics

  12. Dave Falta, Michigan State

  13. Matthew Hogan, Florida Atlantic Univ.

  14. Philip Mendonca, Florida Atlantic Univ.

  15. Rakesh Ginjupalli, IBM

  16. Sarah McLeod, Univ. of Melbourne

  17. Ian Nagle, Florida Atlantic Univ.

  18. Joshua Liberty, Univ. of Rhode Island

  19. Emanuel Simon, Univ. of Ulm, Germany

  20. Francis Boateng, UMass Lowell

  21. Subir Sabharwal, Columbia University

  22. Vishnu Paruchuri, Columbia U. Finance

  23. Jessica Rosen, Industry

  24. Peter Goetz, Univ. of Ulm, Germany

  25. Seth Connors, High-School Teacher

  26. Zhenhua Ning, Univ. of Illinois UC

  27. Nobuhiro Suzuki, Univ. of Rhode Island

  28. Mike O'Brien, Rutgers Univ.

  29. Matt Strafuss, MIT

Welcome to the Gravity Group of the Physics Department at UMass Dartmouth. This website is about different aspects of theoretical and computational gravitational physics, in particular: Our research on Black Holes, Quantum Cosmology and also Scientific Computation. All technical papers related to our research are available on the gr-qc list at the e-print archive. Here is an explicit list of a few selected articles. Research in this group is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), MA Space Grant Consortium (NASA), US Air Force Research (AFRL/AFOSR), private foundations (FQXi and others) and the computer industry (Apple, IBM, Sony, Nvidia and others). Interested students and general public should contact Professor Gaurav Khanna (gkhanna-at-umassd-dot-edu) for any queries or suggestions.

Check out our PS3 cluster for various research projects, that was made possible owing to a generous, partial donation from Sony. And here is its “big brother” built in a “reefer” container. Also check out the website of our new campus-wide Center for Scientific Computing & Visualization Research.

And here is Prof. Khanna’s talk on the GW150914 detection at our campus’ Interstellar event (2016) with Prof. Kip Thorne!

External Links

Here are some external links to related sites and other gravity groups.

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Black Holes

Quantum Gravity

Numerical Relativity



LANL preprints

Matters of Gravity



Welcome to our Gravity Group